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The Most Secure Coin

We Are KKT Coin

Kitkattt Coin (kkt) - Another name of secure and stable digital currency system. Be a part of the future.


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SOFT CAP 150,000$

HARDCAP 400,000,0$


ICO will b end in

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What kkt Aims!

kkt Coin aims to offer the most reliable and secure of credit circulation around the globe. Forget the credit card check and balance and be a part of the most contemporary monetary community today with kkt. Invest and Earn with kkt while opening door of opportunities for the needy around the globe. kkt offers you a number of benefits including;

  • Secure and reliable business investment of your money
  • Opportunity to explore the gaming world by using kkt secure monetary system
  • Donate to your favorite charities ensure the right use of your amount, donated with kkt
  • Professional handling of your invested money
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In the News

kkt Coin- Another name to join hands with the global entrepreneurs
for achieving the EXTRAORDINARY!

Packages & Prices

Period Coins Price Bonus Rate Referral
First CrowdSale 3,000,000 0.1 USD 30% 15%
Second CrowdSale 7,000,000 0.15 USD 20% 15%
Third CrowdSale 10,000,000 0.22 USD 10% 15%
    Forth CrowdSale 15,000,000 0.3 USD 0% 15%

Meet The Team

  • Brendon De Villiers


    Cryptocurrency expert with an experience of more than 7 years and a C++ expert. A long-time Bitcoin holder who owned more than 10k Bitcoins in 2011.

  • Chan Richard


    A Cyber security expert with an in-depth knowledge and experience of managing IT for a large international gaming clients and an electronic engineering degree holder.

  • James Costie

    Legal and strategy advisor

    A technology investment expert with more than 13 years of experience in e-commerce management. Funded several Fintech startup including well-known crypto social networks.



    The Chief Sales Office of kktcoin, Ben deals with the operations at global level. He is responsible for expanding the professional sales team, ensuring your success as a part of kkt and formulates better market penetration opportunities.


    Head of Web Development

    A professional team leader with more than 6 years of technical experience in development, James is an expert in implementing cutting edge technologies and solutions to business.

  • Alex brui

    Blockchain architect

    An absolute coding genius with more than 2 years of crypto development experience and guru of software development who offers the best of all solutions

  • Jeff Collingwood

    Data Analyst Software Developer

    Jeff is a Data Analyst with more than 5 years of experience who is working in collaboration with the expert data analyst software developers at kktcoins.

  • David hussey

    Business Developer

    David- A master’s degree holder form the University of Amsterdam, he is a development manager at the kktcoins and is giving a helping hand in corporate communication and partnership.

  • Colin de marwe

    Community Relations & Partnerships

    Colin is community and relationship manager at the kktcoins and is responsibly managing all the team members and kkt holders in an efficient manner.

Advisors on Board

  • Abbott Williams

    Technical Advisor

    A respected business advisor and an experienced entrepreneur with an exclusive combination of experience in large organizations as well as small business start-ups. Experienced in business development, technology and marketing strategist at multi-national company level.

  • Kyle Taylor

    Finincial Advisor

    Co-founder of few business start-ups. Kyle is a guy with a serious professional approach for technology related start-ups. Armed with exclusive experiences in identifying a start-up from the idea to funding, mentoring as well as acquisition stage. He takes expertise in probabilities by running on the partners and VCs to formulate and exclusive business plan.

  • Wayne Benson

    Legal Advisors

    A technology investor has more than 13 years of experience in e-commerce. Wayne has funded various Fintech startups including well-known crypto social networks. He owns impressive experiences in cryptocurrency, BlockChain, IoT technology, tokens and has extensive knowledge and professional exposure to Ethereum, LiteCoin, Zcash-cryptocurrency mining, Ripple and Bitcoin.

Our Partners


January 2018

Accomplishing the seed round and starting work

February 2018

Launching the R&D in retail lab test and mock data hypothesis
Web wallet will be enabled to make independent deals.

March 2018

Marketing of first sale to retail client
kkt sales preparations

April 2018

Any Exchange Added
Coin market cap added

May 2018

Active sales and marketing campaigns

June 2018

Mining pool
KKT foundation will start working

July 2018

kkt will be added to all major exchanges

August 2018

Mobile App, Status.im integration, More bet types
Our price target 100$

September 2018

Partnership with big companies
Delivering kkt and start conversion from most appreciate cryptocurrencies

October 2018

Creating and embed widget for gaming and charity via kkt
Integrating donation button into the donation pages
Alpha Releases

November 2018

Adding new features including communication tools for user
Introducing smart contract templates

December 2018

Developing new APIs
50% coins will be locked for 1 year

January 2019

New Roadmap Release

We accept as payment method

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